“Never Be Forgiven” Day 83

“Never Be Forgiven”
Here I am at the apex,
On the verge of total collapse.
I’m on the outside looking in,
Crying bloody razor blade tears,
As I watched the weight of the world,
Crush and end you.
I said, I’d never let you fall,
What happened to me?
I wasn’t there,
You were always there for me,
Why’d I stop.
I always had your back,
But I fucked up.
I let you get shot in the back,
I saw your skin ripped off,
Inch by inch,
Your blood fell to the floor,
I locked up, jaw dropped,
I lost my balls,
I’m no longer a man.
I let your spine get pulled clean out of you,
I should of been me under the scope.
No I let you take the fall.
I screwed up so bad,
Go directly past hell,
Do not pass the eternity in flames,
And collect eternal suffering with others,
“No after life at all for you!” God says,
No I’ll have to watch you get raped
Over n over in my mind,
I’ll be here until the end of time,
I’ll outlive God himself,
Just because I can never be forgiven.


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