Days 81 – 83

“Pride in Place” Day 81
I used to never admit to myself
What I am on the inside.
I’ve got to make up for it,
All the mistakes I’ve made in my past.
You see, sometimes I think I’m crazy,
Like, I’m disintegrating.
But then I remember, I must keep pushing on.
For the sake of the kids I don’t have yet,
I want to be there for them when that time comes,
And I want to be there for you!
So no matter the trials I face,
I will go at it with my pride in place.

In days of old,
Before this world was born.
Lived a golden fish, a wizened old fish.
One day this fish hit his head and sunk,
And when this fish went unconcious,
The galaxy was made.
When his nemesis the fisherman found this out,
He began to try and fish him out,
Of his creative coma.
To try and destroy all life,
So the fisherman had many forms.
Adolf, yep,
Castro, yuperoo.
Ganghis Khan, no doubt about it.
Then who does the fish have to rely upon?
The trucker his right hand man,
The master of the road, sea, sky and sand.
He is Godfishes soldier,
He fights for you,
So that you may live.

“I Promise” Day 82
We’ll keep it together,
Our love is like sound.
It’s bigger than the waves.
I promise.

“Afraid” Day 83
I’m not afraid anymore,
When you drive north,
Off to the burbs.
My small town girl,
Moving up to the big town world.
It’s just see ya later,
Not goodbye.
It’s never goodbye.

2 Responses to “Days 81 – 83”
  1. What a soul-bearing bunch Days 81-83 are! Very, very nice.
    Our mistakes, craziness and the feeling of disintegrating are all part of the experience for one who sees deeply. Dive and share. Dive and share. ๐Ÿ™‚

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