Day 80 (Part 1)

“Forgive me Mother”
I’ve become what you said I could never be,
You tried to beat me down.
You’ve broken my bones.
You’ve got my heart in a box,
Stab me wildly,
You know you want me dead.
This day and age is killing me.
So forgive me mother.
I am a ghost of death and fire.
They have beaten me.

“This is the end of you”
Do you expect me to whisper, in your ear.
And tell you I love you.
You’re sadly mistaken.
Your eyes, are bleeding.
Your soul is gone!
Do you expect me to lick your wound?
And pick you up off your feet?
You’re sadly mistaken!
You’re dead,
I won’t save you.

So say goodbye to your life!
You’ll burn in hell.
I promise you.
This is the way It’ll end!

“At this point.”
I come to this point in my journey,
I wonder where I need to go on.
I wish I could have some guidance.
But, I will cary on.
Without a doubt.
I will push forth.
Even though I don’t know where I’m going.
I want to be my own man.
I just got to keep on trying.

“Destroy everything that stands in our path.”
Screaming, tortuous lies,
Filled by suicidal fighting.
Wept, you did.
It’s not always like this.
I promise I will fight for you.
No matter what we go through.
I’ll walk beside you, Past the moutains.
We’ll break down the walls.
We’ll crumble the established order.
Destroying everything that sands in our way.


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