Day 78

Don’t confuse me with your dedication,
I am one with the federation
Of tortured souls and angry faces.
Please, Please, get away.
From this place, as old as a wasteland.
Dead as a dry land full of rabid post creations.
Super mutilations all on presentations.
Please, Please, get away.
Before it’s too late.
So please please get away.
Oh my, I am… Please no!
Oh my I am please no! Don’t hurt me.
I’m so complacent,
I feel as if I’m prepubescent.
Worry free,
Set me free.
Let me be.

“RANT 1”
Why do we let the gov’t control it all.
why have we yet to stand up and take a chance,
Like our Forefathers before us?
Have you gone mad?
With Deceit.
Hiding from the truth,
That the world doesn’t die in youth.
Why do you let your children run amuck.
Like you don’t even give a fuck!
Then bitch because fury don’t give a fuck!

“Set me Free”
So what if you would,
Watch me, come alive and
Take place here in a kingdom.
So long in reason.
Would you let me be,
Would you set me free?

There are points in your life,
Where you must throw caution to the wind,
And push on.
You’ll find somewhere to go.

But you’ll be guided,
By the fire in your soul.
And you will be wizened,
To all the wrongs of old.

Burn through the ashes,
Of dead and dying souls.
Take up the dagger.
And land the killing blow.
Own up to your trespasses.
Send for a lawyer,
Face the judge of fate,
For his gavel.
Will seal your doom.

Memento Mori

Memento Mori - Rememember you must die.

Open up your soul.
To the ides of control.
Please listen to my story,
and weave through dreams.
Go forth and face your fears.
Try to hold back your tears.
Please don’t weap too long.
Because you’ll miss it all.

Cut your way through enemies,
Those who would strike you down.
Take up the banner,
And lead the troops to war.
Set a fire for the ages,
And burn the city down.
Crush the anger in their bosoms.
And break their armor apart.
For it will seal their doom.

Open up the door,
And walk into the sotrm.
Feel the wind hit your heart.
And watch as the lightning sparks,
The fire in your soul.
The fire out of control.
Would you please be mine,
For the rest of time.
Because you killed my heart!

FAce your nightmare,
And take up the sowrd,
Face the fearless jaberwocky,
And the bandersnatch.
Kill the evil red queen.
And catch your final soul,
For even if you aren’t demonic,
You have sealed your doom.

And in the darkest hour,
You will die.

So heed my wounded warnings,
Listen to my words,
I hope I’ll help you, helpless.
I hope I’ll save your life.
So go on and fix yourself.
Before you fall apart.
Heed my final warning.
Watch your steps.
Before you seal your doom.

Yellow, black,
Purple, white.
No matter the color,
Your skin doesn’t matter.
Hello children.

Hey you what is this?
But a dream is dead!
So what do you know,
So when am I gonna escape?
Power up!
Power up!


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