Days 73 & 74

Poet’s Note: Sorry for my lack of posting lately, things have been getting rather hectic. We moved to a new home 2 weekends ago, and Madrigal’s are in full swing, and between working and my Senior Research Paper I’ve been up to my eyeballs in things to do. I also don’t have internet at the home so finding a time and place to post these poems is becoming hard pressed. But, I promise that I will try and make posts as frequently as possible so I may keep up with my project. I’ve been writing steadily, so don’t fret. I’m not.

Devin M. D.

Cameron of Cambria: The Plan (Day 73)
So we return to Cambria,
The war torn nation of Cameron’s birth.
We left our hero as he rested,
After his battle with the Ajax troops.
His blade hungered for more blood,
It was a very vengeful sword.
It’s diamond encrusted hilt glowed red,
And Cameron there named it Hunger Forge.
Cameron alone with his bloody companion
Began plotting his next move.
He knew he must rally the people of Earnsfore to the east,
And the village of Fundabar to the south.
Then onward to the west to the city of Reralais.
So his plan was set,
He must now forge forth
And gather an army to take back the kingdom.

“Tonight’s the End of Days”
Hey you,
So what is the name,
Of who is insane?
So give me some time,
To come up with another rhyme.
I am the son of the damned.
Running out on the lam.
So I got to not look back.
I’m going,
I’m running.
Tonight’s the end of days.

Hey, I’m going crazy.
Been eating essence of Shady,
And I’m getting hazy.
Super slow and just lazy.
Can’t chase my food.
Cuz I’m stuck watchin’ some dude.
Who’s sitting on the hood
Of my car,
With a big gold bar,

And I’m like.

“That’s tight,”
And I’m right,
And your wrong,
And this song is hot;
But your not.
And I’ll bleed,
While you breed.
And I’ll spit,
Into your shit.
I’ll with without a shirt,
Until my rebirth.

“Without You”
Don’t tell me maybe.
Don’t speak a word,
Things are getting hazy,
Love I’m going crazy,
Without you.

Endless love

Image by millzero via Flickr

so Please,
Open up your eyes,
Reach out and catch me.
Please take me in.
Spin me around,
Put me back on my feet,
Please take me as yours.
And that’s all I will be.
Take me in your arms,
Show me how to love.

Don’t tell me maybe.
Don’t speak a word,
Things are getting hazy,
Love, I’m going crazy,
Without you.

Hey baby,
Show me how to be gentle,
Teach me to be caring,
Show me how to be kind to others.
And to love my brother,
My sister my mother.
Take me in as your lover,
We can be together with one another.
And I’ll be the greatest love you have ever had,
And you will ever have again!

Don’t tell me maybe,
Don’t speak a word,
Things are getting hazy,
Love I’m going crazy,
Without you….
Without you

“Don’t take this Personally” – Day 74
Or be shut out.
I have my beliefs,
And you have yours.

You’d let me speak!
You would not Judge!
You would wait.
And PRAY that I would come to you.
So YOUR God,
Can see your patience,
your perseverance for the cause.
Then, if, I came to you to become close to J.C.
Lookey who gets more Jewels in the eternal kingdom eh?
But no,
There is just a God.
No religion.
That is my belief.
So Please.
Don’t take this personally.
Just let me be.

2 Responses to “Days 73 & 74”
  1. beautifulmess19 says:

    I love you and you are a wonderful writer. I am so proud of all that you have written this far. I know how important it is to you and I am and always will be right by your side.

    ❤ you

    • Devin says:

      Thanks my love,
      🙂 I’m glad you finally got around to coming here and start sharing your thoughts and supporting me publicly,

      Thank you!
      I love you too!

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