Day 75 & 76 & 77

“Don’t Plan on Letting Go.” Day 75
I’ve always wanted to find the right words to say.
But nothing comes to mind until you’ve gone away.
Yet, I can’t complain, Because these writings keep me sane.

So love,
You are my drug.
My antidote against the pain.
While your away.

You’re my castle,
Surrounding me.
Protecting me from my stupidity,
And saving me from myself.
Help me find the balance,
That so eludes me.

I’m a little bit messed up,
A little insincere,
I’m a man, and I have my problems.
But that’s all right,
Because I’ve got you by my side tonight.
Even though your some hundred miles away.

I just want to let you know,
How I love you so.
And I don’t plan on letting go!

“Last Great Hope of Humanity” Day 76
Woken Decadence,
In decaying adolescence.
America’s a breeding ground,
For stupid prepubescents.
I know I’ve go no room to speak,
Because my heart is so strong,
But my body has become so weak
And I’ve gone insane,
Lost all feeling in my brain,
But baby don’t you worry.
I’ll be okay,
Trust me.
Even though in the end,
I won’t be O-Fucking-Kay!
But that’s besides the point,
I dreamed of you last night.
You stopped by just to chat.
And I remembered,
Why, You’re the one I miss.
So please,
Forgive me if I’m deranged.
I don’t mean to be this way.
You’re just my last great hope for humanity.

“Brand New” Day 77
Hey you beautiful,
How do you do?
Can I show you,
A brand new world,
A brand new day,
And a brand new way?


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