Day 72

Tomorrow it could be me,
And I can have a hope,
To save me and myself.
I know of contradictions,
And I am them.

“The Man He Became”
I just want out of here,
I’m stuck on the edge of everything.
And I’m useless as anything.
Open up the closed door,
And build a castle in his memory.
Because the boy you knew is dead,
Because the man he became is here.

“Cameron of Cambria: Origins”
Dim the lights,
And make them dull.
I have a story
To be told;
Of an ancient land
Across the sea.
About promised lands,
And broken dreams.
Three thousand years have gone and passed
Away like lillies in the vase.
The land of Cambria
Old and wise
Stood for centuries on guard.
A might wall seperated
The cambrians from their foe.
A war had waged since time unknown,
Between these two mighty kingdoms of old.
A fire burned across the north,
The north wall had fallen south.
The Cambrian people ran from the machine,
Who had teeth thick with venom.
It’s eyes burned and pulsated with fury.
And the spirits of the dead rose together
And they burst into songs full of terro,
For the told the end of the days of old.
Because the Ajax had come forth.
Cambria mustered it’s forces.
And hid their children,
Borded up their homes and tried to build walls.,
to hold back the coming darkness.
While this was going on in the north of Cambria,
Deep in the south a child was born.
This child his name was Cameron,
His hair was a golden brown,
Magnificent as Oak.
His eyes were silver,
And they saw more than that of an old wise king.
His voice was as fine as that of an entire orchestra.
His mother though was only a seamstress,
And his father a lowly blacksmith for the King.
The two together raised the boy well.
And then 14 years has passed since the fall of the great north wall!
Ajax had pushed the Cambrians into the south,
Only so much land was left under their control,
And cmabria was just a small speck on the continent.
Cameron’s family was living, just trying to survive.
Then one night the Ajax attacked their village.
They burned and they pillaged,
And finally came upon Cameron’s home,
the 14 year old boy his mother and father were caught off gaurd.
The mother was taken by her hair, and beaten to death,
And his father was forced to watch her die,
Then he was bheaded,
And Cameron was left alone.
He was chased by the Ajax,
To the family Smithy,
He quickly searched for his fathers latest creation.
And picked up the finely made sword hidden within the smithy.
It gleamed with diamonds,
And was sharper than anything ever before.
He raised his sword in defiance,
As the Ajax burst through the door.
Their eyes met and the beast laughed.
And reached out to strike his foe.
Their swords met like thunder claps,
And sparks flew like lightning.
And their blood streamed from open wounds,
Caused by their weapons teeth.
Cameron in an attempt to end the battle
Dropped his sword and bowed his head in defeat.
The Ajax Laughed a terrible roar, and brought his blade and touched his skull.
Then raised it high above his own head.
“you stupid mortal”
The beast uttered.
” I am death!”
Cameron then quickly strikes with a hidden dagger,
“You underestimated me you foul beast!
And you are the fool. For we will prevail!
Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce!”
When his blade struck the Ajaxs heart,
The monster burst into golden flame.
And it’s army bled into the north returning to their fortress in the old cambrian capital.
Cameron tired from his battle slept, and he wept, and he dreampt.
So this part of the story,
Cameron’s orgins found.
We’ll return to the battle soon.
Return to Cambria.


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