Day 70


“Listen to My Voice”
I’m not in it for the money,
Not in it for the girls.
Satisfaction is all I care for.
It’s my therapy,
My drug of choice.
Listen up before I raise my voice.

Mirror, Mirror
On the wall,
Who’s the most fucked up of all?
Mirror mirror,
On the wall
Am I the biggest loser of them all?

mirror mirror on the wall

Image by l. amato via Flickr

I am what I am,
Whether you believe I am at all.
I will, what I will.
Otherwise I’m ill.
And I’m sick and tired
Of sputtering mumblings
Of stupid fucks,
And little smart ass schmucks.
Closer your mouths and listen up.
I want you to listen to what I say.

These poems,
I’ve come to realize
Are like a journal.
I am indeed documenting my life,
And the emotions in my life,
The emotional pathway of the American teenager.
Seventeen years old and counting,
I will follow paths of the unknown.
Somehow, someway,
I’ll push forth into darkness,
I will be taken in,
By the vile shadows,
As their tendrils entangle.
My heart,
And I hope these words
Survive me,
And my little time here.
And maybe guide those less fortunate
Than I.
My words are written for you,
These journals help me too,
And you,
And all those who
Feel as if they have nowhere to go.

“The Show Must Go On”

    Curtain call Kids, 10 Minutes

Kids, Kids, Kids,
Screaming and yelling.
Imitating, dilating,
Your eye sockets loose.
Head strung from a noose.
As the lights go out.

Having doubts?
Do you believe what you see?
Do you feel while you bleed?
Are you the seed of the new enemy?

Ghosts! Goblins!
Jokes, Choke,
On the flow
The surreal elliptical blow.
Oh now, do you know,
What you’ve always known?

And I guess,
And I guess.
In spite of death,
The show must go on.

    So in 5 minutes, curtain call kids, the show must go on!


The lights flicker,
On and off,
between red and white,
Black and blue.
His shit ran from his ass
to the floor.
What more do you want?
What more do you need?

Do you believe what you see?
Do you feel while you bleed?
Are you the seed of the new enemy?


Shoot yourself dead!
Take a feather from Kurt’s Hat!



If you wish to live.
Start a cult,
Make Cobain your God.
Make chad Kroeger your messiah.
Jack black could be peter,
The asshole,
The cheater,
The one who will sell you out for booze.
It could be a new T.V. Show.

It’s all wrong,
Another kids dead,
Tripped in fell in the other kids shit.
Yeah file a lawsuit,
But the show must go on.

Your not supposed to stop and mourn,
Got to keep pushing on N’ ON!
Oh Fuck it,
I’m the one who’s lying.
So go choke on your cigarrette,
No one will care.
We’ll go on without you.
No one will care.
You’re dead.
So what?
The show must go on,
And all this shit went on,
Before the curtain call.

“Keep Your Head Up Kid. (Keep it Up!)”

Keep your head up kid,
Keep it up.
Don’t look down kid,
Don’t give up.

No longer am I impressed by anything,
I’ve regressed into nothingness,
I’m a child in my head.
I’m a baby,
Nothing less.
Nothing more.

Keep your head up kid,
Keep it up.
Don’t look down kid,
Don’t give up now,
Eight months to go,
on the dot.
Then maybe you can free yourself.
Believe it or not.

“I can’t help it.”
I can’t stop,
I’m going insane.
I can’t sleep,
I’m losing my head.
I can’t speak.
I split my tongue in two.
I can’t breathe,
I’m being repressed.
I can’t help it.
I can’t help it.
I can’t help it.
No, no, no.

Sense and Reason”
I am the words of wrote,
In a time of generalized notes.
I hope and pray to the end of days,
That I won’t die the same way.
As history repeats and repeats,
The beat stays witty and releases,
pheromones, hormones,
Baby, baby, no more.
Distance yourself from lies,
Am I making any sense any more?
Is there a reason?

Push comes to shove,
Forget what’s been done.
forget what is right,
If only for tonight.
I will stand in defiance,
Just for now.


Note:A friend of mine who wishes to stay anonymous, wanted me to share with you two poems that he wrote, he wished for them to be shared, but for his sake did not want his name to be shared too. So please leave any constructive criticism for my friend. Thank you kindly.

365 Days Past July

“Hide” by Anonymous
I hide so much from who I am,
I’m selfish with my life & Limb.
I’m scared to death,
Because I do not know what’s there.
For all I know, nothing is there at all.
I’m more afraid of the unknown.
So afraid, and so alone.
Because of this I hide that which is inside.
No, I know what you’re thinking,
I am not gay.
I’m straight,
But with a little difference too.
my mind doesn’t work the same as yours.
I’m different,
And I have got to hide it.
Or be ripped in two.

“Today” by Anonymous
Today’s a good day,
Today is a bad day.

I wish to ask a question,
To all the pretty ladies.
I wish to ask a question.
What would you do?
If the man you love had told you.
He wanted to wear a dress?
But that he still wanted to be with you,
And that he wasn’t gay?

Most would say.

“bullshit, bullSHIT, BULL!!!”

And you wonder why men go crazy,
lock you up in our basements,
We were already fucked up,
But you wouldn’t give us a chance.
I guess this is a coming out present,
Shut up you fucking little hypocrites.
Go rape a fucking coon.
All I amt to do is be pretty too.
“Queer, fagot, bitch, stupid sissy fuck!
You’re not a man,”
Well you know what go suck it!


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