Day 66 Part 2, Day 67, 68, 69.


“I Hope You Choke” Day 66

I bleed these words
So I may be heard.
So I scream out loud.
I am strong and proud.
So hello, I am a ghost.
So goodbye, today I die.

So listen to the words I speak.
Ancient words of my life, so weak.
In precious tembling waves of smoke.
Oh I hope you choke.

“It’s Far from Ordinary”
People watching should be a class.
Or at least a project.
Notice the way she carries herself?
Notice the way he writes?
Notice which side she carries her purse,
It’s far from ordinary.

“Death of Mr. Good Gentleman.”

Hey, Listen up.
Let that dirge play.
This is a funeral.
Yeah he died.
Mr. Good Gentleman.

He was a fater to my child.
People call my son a bastard,
Because he never knew his father.
But he had a dad.
Mr. Good Gentleman.
My lover, my partner my friend.
We’ll miss you.
I’ll love you till the end of all time.

Hey, Listen
Lets hold each other together.
This is a funeral.
Yeah, he died.
Mr. Good Gentleman.

Mr. Good Gentleman,
You were the best.
I hardly knew you.
But you saved me,
Caught me from fallin.
Mr. Good Gentlman.
Why have you gone?

Yo, listen up.
This is a funeral.
Don’t be clapping yo hands.
Mr. Good Gentleman’s Dead in the ground.

Mr. Good Gentleman,
With you the gentlemen have died.
Who will open the door and be polite.
Who will silently wait for his name to be called,
At a meeting where everyone’s fighting for attention.

Mr. Good Gentleman,
With you we say goodnight.
to society’s guiding light.
So let that dirge play.
And let the tears flow away.
So tonight will be the last night.
The gentlemanly ways are dead.
So lay him in his grave.
And now we waste away.

League of gentlemen

Image by wili_hybrid via Flickr

“Pushing Forward” Day 67
How long must I fake compliance,
And shove off my own self reliance?
Do I go on this path,
Or do I digress onto my own?
Which path is easier?
There must not be a correct choice,
There is no way but uncertainty.

“Faker Faker”
Faker faker,
Faker faker,
Lemon Shaker.
Faker faker,
I’m alive.
Faker faker,
Do or die.

Faker faker,
Liar liar.
Faker faker.
Getting higher.
Faker faker,
I’m dead.
Faker faker.
Do or die.

“Everything” Day 68
You are everything,
And I will push on through
The distance of
Time, space, and emotion.
So when I finally come across
To the other side.
We, together, as two parts
Of a fuller whole.
We’ll complete each other.
And fade into the sunset.
And leave the town burning in our wake.

“Today” Day 69
Today marks a point.
A beginning, an end.
And a point at some distance,
Between points A & B.
Where it goes, not quite
Sure, and the outcome of
The struggle.
Just as unknown.


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