Day 66


“We’ll Make it Through the Night Part 3”

No matter where we go.
I’ll stand beside you now,
Through the raging snow.
Even if I don’t know how,
I’ll build you a home.
One where we will
How much we love each other.
A place where we can grow old.
It’s not a promise, it’s a goal.
We’ll see how far we go,
But with you I can push on
As far as you will go.

Love, no matter where space decides to take us,
No matter how of balance each one of us is.
We’re balanced in that unbalanced kind of way.
You’re a part of me,

And you’re a part of me too,
The better half of me.
You keep me gentle,
You keep me kind.
These words that I have written.
I would have never found.
If it weren’t for you lover,
If it weren’t for your love!

No matter where fate decides that we swim.
Theres no need to fear drowning.
I know you’ll be there.

With you I can fly high.
Let my heart soar on free.
Because I know that you’ll catch me
If I fall from the sky!

There’s no need to worry.

As long as we have each other.
I know we’ll be okay.

So will you take my hand?

Baby do you need to ask,
I’ve been holding it all along.

So we an walk together through the darkness.

Maybe together everything will be alright.

And together we’ll make it through the night.

"Ai," the traditional Chinese charac...

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