Day 65

“We’ll Be the Ones”
We’ll be the ones,
Who rise above
This broken place
Theis empty space
Escape disgrace.

We’ll be the ones
Who get away
From evryone
Those who won
Escape to the sun.

“Continued Perseverance:
We’ll Make it Through the Night Part 2”

Will you pick me up
When I fall?
Will you touch my cheek
When I cry?
Will you take me by the hand,
And tell me it will be alright?

Baby with me I won’t let you fall,
I’ll catch you before you do.
So baby please don’t cry,
Because I’ll be here for you.
I can take your hand,
But I can’t make promises.
The world has it’s way,
And I can’t say it’ll be alright.
But I can promise I’ll try to be there for you.

So baby,
Will you be
Right there beside me,
When I’m sick?

I’ll try my best to be the one you need,
But I can’t promise you much of anything,
Because if I fail, then I would have lied,
And I couldn’t live with myself,
If I lied to you.
So I will try my hardest to stand beside you,
Like I’ve said before.
I’ll walk with you side by side,
And we’ll make it through the night.
With our continued perserverance,
Maybe everything will be alright.

Your so helpful
your so kind.
Your my only,
Your my light.

And love,
I’ll be your blanket
I’ll keep you warm at night.
I owe you just this much,
And maybe even more.
Because I can’t repay what you’ve done for me,
You’ve save me from my mind.

But you don’t owe me anything
You’ve been with me through my worst.
You’ve held me when I’ve cried
And tried to tell me “it’s alright”.
You’ve put up with my emotions,
You’ve kept with me through the distance.
You don’t owe me a thing!

I love you so much,
I don’t care what you say
If only I could pay you back,
You’re so beautiful.

Boy you’re so crazy,
Wonderful, Amazing,
And I wish you’d see it my way.

You keep me persevering
You keep me on my toes.
You make me whole.

I love you so much.
Baby, I love you too.

Your Hands

Image by Toni Blay via Flickr

“Caustic Words – Strung out Lies.”
The sound of caustic words,
Bite with relentless tension.
Ho, and lo; as he enters the room.
So how do you we stand up tall?
When society makes us fall?
So how do we make it right?
When nothing is ever right,
And nothing is ever wrong?
I am in a pickle,
Challenged by everything true,
And everything which is false.
I am held accountable,
For my actions as a human
For my actions as a man,
For my actions as a child
And for my actions as a ghost,
Of the absolute nothingness.
I am a single cell organism
Part of an overlying whole.
Built up by other single cell organisms.
We as a society are a portugese man o’ war.
Millions of organisms existing as one.
But that’s how it should be in a perfect existance.
No we are viruses vieing for ocntrol
We are animals hunting and killing for no purpose.
We are an ancient enigma.
Created by the torment of acid tongues.
Sent by the evil in our souls.
To rape and to murder the innocent,
So that daemons may rule this world.
In a years time we’ll be eclipsed
If we do not stand up.
Escape the valley of the living death.
And sneak our way and slit the throats of the monsters.
We’ll lose.
There is no good, there is no evil
There is only survival in war.
War, war never changes.
It’s a silent law,
A vow made by the gods
Made by the space in time.
The nothingness consumes those
Who wish to wait
Who take too long to assimilate.
They want you to become them.
Consumed by all your sins.
Those who fall to their society.
Are but the maggots of the nation.
You cannot let them win!


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