Day 64

“In a Corner”
Been backed up into a corner?
Like when you were younger.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
So please, take up a roost,
Try and stand up and fight the noose.
You are in decay.
Your bones break,
Your eyes shake.
Your heart aches.

“Why Would I Have to Explain?”
I know I tend to use the same old
Washed out metaphors
To explain the thoughts that sail
In my minds sea.
Sometimes the current of inspiration
Just eludes me, and I must grab onto something.
I want to apologize for my indecision,
On most of what I think.
You see just because I’m on a mission.
Means that I know why.
Like how do you explain yourself?
Why would I have to explain myself?

“It’s Been Said Before.”
It’s been said before,
but you are my rock.
My sanctuary from the storm.
you keep me from losing myself to the sea.

It’s been said before,
But you are the roof above my head.
My shelter from the cold.
You keep me from fearing growing old.

It’s been said before,
But you are my muse.
Keeping thoughts inside my head.
You keep me writing em down.

It’s been said before,
But you keep me whole.
You save me from myself.
You help me feel alive.

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