Days 61, 62, and 63 Part 1

“Heart” Day 61
My heart is like a hurricane,
Round n’ round in circles
Just like a ballerina.
With the intent on crushing ant hills,
Except this is my heart,
And I’m spinning round in circles.
It’s what you’d cal catastrophe.
If that is all it meant.

“Love is… 1”
Love is,
Love is,
Love is…
You and Me.


Image by Alexandr Zykov via Flickr

“Happenings” Day 62
I can’t always come up with answers,
Problems have their way of finding me.
It’s as if spirits are following me.
Guessing I’ve struck a nerve.
And I’m boxing them in.
Because I have grown more open.
Stranger things keep happening to me.

“Dying but Still Alive.” Day 63
Candles in the window,
They help me remember
of times when I couldn’t see.
That life has a purpose even in squalor.
Turn out the lights.
Close your eyes
And listen to the world.
Not your television.
It’s blinding you of vision.
You haven’t seen much lately.
Too engrossed in fake lives
And guided by what’s been advertised.
It’s the epitomy of dying.
While still being alive.

“There, then gone.”
My voice is cracking,
Under the pressure.
Violence is today’s medicine.
For what?
The cure for overpopulation.
Disease’s work their way
Through each and every one of us.
One by one, we fall from it.
Exhaustion, depression, murder.
Our lives are but a blip on the radar.
There one second.
then gone the next.


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