Days 59 & 60

“Oh Please” Day 59
Crooked sideways.
I’m a sidewinder rocket ready to blow,
Suffer from the flow
of blood to the brain.
Think I’m going insane?
Yeah, My frame of mind’s not right,
And I know I can’t fight.
I wish the world could see me
For what I am on the inside.
Not the way I look and dress.
So what, maybe I digressed a lil
Back in 08′ when my brain became mush
And then again the next year.
So I know I’m the same, you see.
My mentality, a legality,
Based on a fucked up technicality.
You see I could probably be locked away.
Called insane mentally challenged even.
I’m bipolar, built by the pain in my molar.
I’m sick and pathetic,
God, I need a medic.
I need to find help.
Someone sympathetic.
I’m so angry all the time.
I’ve suffered and I’m blind.
Oh help me please I’m lost.
Oh please.

Missile, Air-to-Air, Sidewinder, AIM 9E

Image by cliff1066™ via Flickr

“The Way We Are”
I’m what I never could believe,
I’m a writer without a fan bae.
I’m an ocean floor without the water.
Please, show some mercy on my foolish ass.
Yeah, I’m crude, but at lest I don’t say shit like Shady.
Man he’s nutz, he’s insane.
He on acid?
What’s this shit bout “The way I am?”
He’s got it right.
It’s just the way we are.

“Death Isn’t All I Fear” Day 60
If I could only find the words,
To speak the truth in every line of verse.
Maybe I could happily hit the hearse.
Drop me in my casket and bury me alive.
As if I could write the words to save my life.
At first I felt it coming to me.
but at times I feel as if my minds my enemy.
Rhymes seem to come and bite me in the rear.
Guess death shouldn’t be the only thing I fear.
Love is a landslide it sweeps you off your feet.
Kinda like a rapper losing himself to his beat.
Sometimes Love can be ultra sweet.
Then again it can be a tiresome feat.
Think about how long forever is.
That’s a lot of time for you to miss.
so don’t give up just yet.
Your life ain’t over just yet, I bet.

“I’m Back”
Sorry I’ve been gone,
My brain hasn’t been right.
Now I htink I got all the parts
Back in place.
Forget some of the things I said in the past.
You know somethings just don’t last.
But I’m back,
And I’m here to stay.
At least for awhile any way.


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