Day 58

“Good Morning”
Good morning,
I’m awake,
And I’m alive.

“Feeling alright?”
You ask,
“Yeah, I’m doing okay.
You know?
It’s like I say,
Alive at the end of the day,
Live the best you can, that’s the way.
So put aside your pride.
And let your heart soar.
Ignore the people who knock you down.
Those fools won’t always be around.

Figure below the castle

Image by crazbabe21 via Flickr

“I am myself.”
I am myself,
That’s all I can be.
For I am me,
And I am not you.
I am not you,
That’s what I can’t be.
For I am me,
And I am not you.
I am what I am.
That’s all I can be.
For I am me.
I am not you,
No matter what you do.
I am me,
That’s all I I’ll ever be.

“Death Does Not Lie.”
Peer through the open window, which hides the shapes of a sorrowed morn, those people who in mourning waste away in an hourglass thus they decay. So here as in before, Like in the afternoon where two lovers embrace, the knife then comes into play. Oh, hear how the serpents hiss in the night, awaiting the presence of their master. And there as if in reply to their haunting song, like the roar of an ancient dragon calling to his God, a hooded figure reacts with a solemn twisted nod as he exits quietly from the fog. It had rolled in around the lovers feet, and in an instant the doves that once were sitting on the window sill turn black as the monsters hood and fall to the ground. The hooded figure’s skeletal hands whose reach was like vines groping a shaft made of petrified maple hooked on the end with a ghastly silver blade. He creeps then upon the unsuspecting couple whose lips were locked and were lost in the final moments of this life. For not once before the Devil’s scythe bit into their warm and gooey flesh did they realize that they were going to die. For as sure as they thought they had the rest of their lives they died, and in those seconds following their final breath, the funeral began. After what to the people of the Earth took years, The planet forgot those children. Death had but wiped their existence from the face of this world. Mother nature does not ever remember each and every death, or each and every persons life, whether or not you are good or evil. You will die. Death does not lie.

2 Responses to “Day 58”
  1. I love Good Morning, Devin. We should all have it taped to our morning mirrors! 🙂
    You are an inpsiration–did you know that?

    • Devin says:

      Thanks Pam, 🙂
      I don’t think I’ve ever had someone call me an inspiration.
      So, I guess I can say I didn’t know that.

      🙂 Thanks for telling me so.

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