Day 57

These Words
These words,
Written on my wrists in blood.
Remind me,
How much it hurts to be lied too.
These words,
Represent Life, Death, Love, War.
These words,
Are the lies, the truth the proof.
That I’m a mockery of Christian youth.
I’ve got my own pride to put aside.
But I know I could be wrong,
But I could be right,
I’ll address the world and maybe shed some light.
That, maybe you are right.
But you are probably wrong.
And maybe I’m right.
But I’m probably wrong.

I’m not afraid to tell the truth,
I write these words.
So I can be heard,
To leave a record of my youth.
So when I have my kids,
I’ll know what to do
To be a good parent;
From the rights and wrongs that are apparent
In my life.
I’ll hunt for them,
The right words to say
The right games to play.
I want to do things right,
Even though I know I’ll get em wrong sometimes.
Because I am a man.
I am not perfect.
It’s so straight forward,
And I am greatful.
But this country needs a wake up call,
The youth need a rally cry!
So these words are not hiding anything!
They’re coming right out and hitting you in the face.
Open up your eyes and ears.
Revolution is coming near!

“Get Away”
If you don’t want to see me,
Then why don’t you just fucking leave?
Go alone on your own road.
Close your eyes, and get away.
You know,
Just so I won’t lose control.
I go through all these scenarios.
When you ain’t talking to me,
I’m always looking always watching.
So lose your cool now,
Lose it later, I guess I’d rather it be later.
I like what’s left of my mind.
Don’t matter when, why, and how.
I guess it’ll happen someday.
So now, so how, maybe later.
I’ll catch ya later alligator,
See you next June.

“What’s My Problem”
I know you want to ask me, “What’s my problem?”
Your my problem,
Maybe if you’d open up your ears,
And stop accusing me of lying.
You know what I don’t even care, whatever.
I’m not defending her,
I’m defending myself.
But, I’m not confronting you,
You can confront me yourself.
So I”ll bottle these words up,
And I’ll write em all down.
I’ll be the sales clerk that blows up,
When you push me too far.
You know, since you tried to change my mind,
Accused me indirectly of lying to your face.
I just decided today,
If you don’t confront me and try to change.
Looks like it could be the end of you and me.
I’ll always love you to death.
But death at the moment can’t come to soon.

“Right Here”
The coldness of steel,
Was all I used to feel.
Before I found her.
Before I know where we were.
You see my heart is a prism,
It reflects regret like light,
Throughout all the hours of the night.
You see my heart is on my sleeve.
For the whole damn world to see.
Because I am a poet,
I’ve got to speak these words.
They come to mind so fast,
It’s almost like thoughts have no chance to last.
And in order for me to remember I gotta write it down fast.
I got no chance.
So I’ll take my stand.
Right here.
Right now.

I declare today,
The day of words.
A break from the herd,
For I am yours.

"All is Vanity" by C. Allan Gilbert....

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