Day 56


“What I’m trying to Say”
I’m sorry if you don’t think I’m strong and tough.
But, my girlfriend thinks that I’m enough.
So don’t you bother trying to say a thing.
Their ain’t no way I’m gonna change my game.
I’m taking a note out of popular modern society.
Trying to build on my power by chasing the record books.
You know, maybe if I keep pushing my boundaries,
I’ll come up with something so over the top.
So what am I trying to say, you trying to ask,
I’m just saying what I feel, is there something wrong with that?

“You May Not Speak It but I Know You’ve Got Something to Say.” (So Say It, I’ll be Okay.)
You thinking your hurting me with your silence,
I don’t care if you stay silent.
Keeps me from getting violent.
Gives me no reason to strike for vengence.
For you claiming I’m in ignorance.
You thinking your silence,
Is giong to make me go violent.
I’ll show you.
I’ll throw you a bone.
I’m in the zone,
Maybe I’m angry,
I’m dying.
You don’t even care we’ve been crying.
But you don’t know that, so why does it matter.
You gonna thinking I’m making up excuses,
For what you think are violent abuses.
But you see, maybe I had it all wrong.
So I had too write you a song,
To point out why you got everything so fucked up wrong.
This is my social experiment,
You are in need of anger management,
Your on the edge,
Why don’t you just veg,
Shut your mouth,
Turn off your mind.
And let me take the lead for once,
Like I’ve been trying to do.
But you keep saying that I’m lying to you.


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“Boundaries Don’t Mean Nothing if they aren’t Being Broken.
I’m stretching my boundaries,
I’m trying some new things.
Listening to some new rhythems.
I’m up to batt in an inning or two,
I’m one of the voices for the next generation.
Maybe then we can save this place,
But until then I’m gonna keep making your head think.
Making your heart sink.
As you realize how screwed up everything is.

“Teenagers Spark a Controversey.”
Why is it that you want to assume I want to be in her jeans,
What ever happened to not making an ass out of you and me?
Maybe I just lover her for who she is, and what she does to keep me clean?
She’s the only person to ever understand,
I have a sex drive, yeah so what?
Yeah, of course I want it someday, but not now.
Because, I’ve got the willpower, the mindset to keep testosterone at bay.
I may be an imbalance of hormones,
But the perfect balance for control.
You don’t know shit.
I’m tired of this.
Pardon my language but I got let it be known.
That I am one of the exceptions to the teenage male rule.
You see I’m more mature than most of them,
I’m more in control than a lot of them too.
I can sleep next to a woman that I’m attracted to.
Without, sticking it in and doin’ the do.
It’s a controversey.
Guess I’m starting early.


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