Day 52, 53, 54, 55

“Maybe Slim Shady’s Got a Point or Two…” Day 52

Maybe life is wack,
And all of that.
My lines are ripping and tearing
Like, maybe I’m jigsaw
Punishing you for a part that you played
That you never even knew that you did.
Hell, that bitch was insane.
He’s inane,
Got drugs on the brain!
I’m sorry, I lost you
I’m inferring the worst
Of the last and the first.
My vocabulary is spinning.
I’m gonna go in reverse.
Listen to my musings of the whole universe.
I’m a ghost
This is a dream
I won’t boast.
It’s not as it seems.
I’m a lie,
I’m fly.
Maybe I’ll live once before I die.
If people did more than just fuck.
Maybe if you didn’t let your kids run amuck
Your daughter wouldn’t be a slut.
Whatever happened to a good ole’ spanking?
What’s the government thinking
Telling you how to raise your kid?
The madness won’t stop.
Unless you tell it as it is
Live it as it should be lived.
You know?

“Dear America,
Slim Shady Ain’t the Reason You’re Fucked Up!” Day 53

Dear America,
Thought I’d write you a letter
A song to get better.

What, I already hear you laughin’.

You thinking’ I’m jokin’?
Our home you say it ain’t broken.
Hell, have you woken up lately
Noticed the burning decadence growing,
13 year old girls fucking 21 year old guys,
Drugs in every city?


blood, human, splatter, drops

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You can’t blame the artist,
They didn’t create this.
So open up your eyes and ears,
Feel the truth
you know its here.

No matter what they do,
What the labels sell.
Or the rappers and singers tell.
Your children will break down
And sell their soul.

You see, I’ve listened to metal,
To emo, and rap sometimes as well.
Shady didn’t make that man kill the girl and his kid.
Gerard didn’t get your sons and daughters to slit their wrists.
What’s this bullshit you coming up with?
It ain’t their fault.
Because I didn’t do that shit.
But damn, I still listened to their music!
So just because they say it.
Don’t mean they wanted them kids to do it!

Shut up and let them keep writing their music.
Because it’s like Slim Shady said.

“You shoulda been watchin’ em,
Apparently you ain’t parents.”
Lyric Citation for the last two lines. (Eminem – Who Knew)


Wasteful and pointless campaigns filled with
Angry deceitful souls, a
Ruinous collapse of the truth,
Frequent destruction
Assaults on woman and children
Regret isn’t felt until 100 years later we’re
Engaged to the spilling of human blood!

“No More” Day 54
Who woulda thought that words could hurt
As much, as fast, and as bad as a bullet.
Words can change, maim, eradicate your soul.
they can wrap you in a strangle hold
Till you can’t feel anything no more!

“How,” Day 55
Oh, how do you do it.
It’s just who you are.
My lover, my friend.
oh, my one and only.


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