Day 48:

NOTE:These following poems are a tribute to a very amazing interactive drama experience for the PS3 called “Heavy Rain“. They are the first in a series.

“Heavy Rain: Prologue”
Heavy rain,
Leaves the suburbs in decay.
The children weep and tremble;
Mothers weak and nimble.
The bird bathed in blood.
Under an origami sun.

My Heavy Rain Origami Figure

Image by Jinx! via Flickr

Norman 1
A member of the federal bureau,
Locked in a battle with a viper,
A parasitic threat in his blood.
It’s eating him alive,
Leaving himself empty inside.

Ethan 1
A father and an architect,
Comfortable living with his wife and two sons.
His eldest, died in his arms,
Broke his life in two.
Now he’s alone with only one left.
Now he’s a victim too.


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