Day 47 – Part 2 “Roaming” & “A Phantom of the Sins of Man.”

I’ll roam the streets
In search of the perfect beat.
And if me and god should ever meet
I’ll let him know this world is great.
I had my vision,
and I think I followed the sun,
From east to west until,
That’s it I’m done.

“A Phantom of the Sins of Man.”
I am a whisper,
A phantom,
A vision.
I am not real!
I am the one who;
Takes the deal.
Spins the wheel.
And then drops the bomb.

bomb flag

Image by Doctress Neutopia via Flickr

And so I have become death,
The destroyer of worlds.
We’ve all felt this before.

To redeem myself,
I with my pen,
Will alert the world of the sins of men.
Warn the Earth of our fiery demon souls.
And give her a chance to take control.

And if I ever meet a god face to face
I’ll ask, “Who was my muse,
Who lit the fuse,
And what good did this all do?”

2 Responses to “Day 47 – Part 2 “Roaming” & “A Phantom of the Sins of Man.””
  1. link says:

    Ok, what is this supposed to mean?

  2. Devin says:

    Link, the beauty of poetry is in each person’s interpratation of it. My meaning does not matter unless it were in a class meant on figuring out the exact purpose of each word, in which this is not.

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

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