Day 46

“A Broken American – Generation 90 to 10”
I don’t really know how I feel,
I have a hard time understanding what is real;
And if you ask me, “Dude what the fuck is your deal?”
I’ll say,” I’ve always been this way,
Sorry you never noticed, nothing has ever changed.
I’m me,
And that’s all I’ll ever be.”
So you push me aside, knock me down in the dirt.
I’ll ask you, “Do you know what pain is like, or have you never been hurt?”
And I know by looking at your face that those words were the right call.

A metaphorical visualization of the word Anger.

Image via Wikipedia

You lean back, clench your fist, and punch me right in the eyeball.
I know, that I can’t keep my facts straight,
But this time I’m in control and it feels great.
I get up, worked up, and I scream.
“What the hell does it mean this “American Dream?”
Your always beating me,
Knocking me down.
Because you’ve never known pain,
All you’ve done is walk alone in the rain.
Your mom she forgot you,
Your daddy he destroyed you.
Not with his fists,
He got you with the least,
Amount possible.
He left you all alone.
That’s all you’ve ever known.
Depression took its hold.
You ask yourself
“How the hell do I feel so bold?”
I look at you now,
“Can you face me like a man?
Mono y mono? Fists down,
Let’s talk this out.
Just because your strong,
Deosn’t mean you’v got to kick me down.
Can you stare me in the eye,
Hold back your anger and cry?
The reason you are wrong,
Is because you live to strong.
I’m sorry that you are this way.
Please let me help you not decay.
So open up
And I’ll lead the way.
This could be the end, your last day.

“Don’t Let it Get to You.”
Have you ever lost yourself to the black of space?
Just before your last true embrace?
You’re knocked out, broken down.
Lose your love to a fire in your mind burning out.
You woke up not knowing what you did,
You broke her heart, when it wasn’t even you at all.
It was a dream, but it felt like the truth.
Keep your head up, don’t let it get to you.

Song of the day: “We Used to Wait” – Arcade Fire


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