Day 45


“Untitled 3”
What keeps you up at night?
Thoughts that it’s not alright?
Like something is creeping at your window sill.
Can’t remember the last time you payed that bill.

Wanna set the world on fire,
Wanna do something you feel matters.
You wannaset the world on fire?
Not as if it would even matter.

I’m sorry if it feels like you’re drowning
Memory, and history dictates a sick cycle.
Terrible things happen to good souls.
No matter what it feels like you can’t reach your goals.

Do you stay up all night?
Thinking of what’s wrong, not right?
Are you waiting for it to jump from your window sill?
Remember the last time you payed that bill?

“Lead to Execution”
I’ve been extricated
From a violation.
A visitation,
By a sick obsession
With pointless possessions
Open digressions.

Pair of windows with reflections, Old Ship Chu...

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He’s sickened by oppression,
His damned profession,
Hopeless depression.
Leading him to execution.

Opened eyes can see almost anything,
Except that which is everything.

A hear can know almost everything,
Except what a broken hear see’s as nothing.

And humanity is but a means to an end,
Except for when we break it, not mend.

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