Days 43 & 44

“Follow Me” Day 43
For forever and a day,
Tomorrow we’ll get away.

To better horizons, past the sea.
Take my hand and follow me.

“Eight” Day 44
Step 1, you fall down
Don’t feel you can getup without being a clown.
Step 2, got no idea what to do
With yourself or anyone old or new.
Step 3, So you fall apart,
Everydays lost without a spark.
Step 4, Looking out for something more.
You fall apart all you want to do is snore.
Step 5, you don’t even feel alive,
Next up you hit the curb and wanna die.
Step 6, go off and get your fix,
Take the needle before you get snitched.
Step 7, now you feeling short of heaven.
Skip town, they won’t notice till eleven.
Step 8, All your feeling is Irate,
Now your done, now you’re seeing death’s gate.

“Viper Culture”
Explain how this culture effects your life.
Society is a demon, a vile, ravenous, poisonous viper.
It has its body coiled around your broken heart.
Be wary of the trends, for they could give you the
Bends. I’ll remind you of these truths,
So that it may be self evident,

Viper 001

Image via Wikipedia

We may have been created equal
But we are raised seperatly.
We are not equal.
We must be ashamed,
For this great nation.
Of people,
By the people,
And for the people,
Was made by the rich
For the rich.
For the famous to abuse the poor.
From now till we say no more.


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