Day 42 [Part 2] Too Much C-O2

“Too Much CO2”

Been trying to break down those forlorn walls,
That been hiding me in these darkened halls.
They’ve kept my heart captive, my soul, repressed.
Pardon me now I’ve digressed.
It’s like I’ve been mumbling about physics
In the middle of an art lecture,
Is this romanticized insanity?
Oh, how I begged and I groveled.
Fell to my knee’s, I’ve been screaming.
Asking all the questions,
I know you’re afraid but why do you make me,
What are you hiding from,
Ain’t you go your own two feet?
Use em’ or start dying.
Go ahead, dig out your grave.
Your taking up space anyway.
Too much CO2,
I’ve had enough of you.

Slums in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Image by World Resources via Flickr

Hey guys, sorry about the second post for today, I really felt like I had nothing left in me earlier today and thought I’d go ahead and give you guys something to read. But then, all of a sudden, I got the first few lines of this poem while trying to create a new playlist for my Zune, and well this is what I came up with. I really like it I hope you guys do too.

Now, I’m going to try and post a little more regulalry I’ve been having some very big gaps between each post and I bet it gets hard reading all those poems at once. So, as often as possible I’m going to try and post at the least every other day. Weekends may be an exception because I’m usually very busy and away from a computer the whole weekend. So I hope you can put up with me. I’m still getting used to this whole experience.

Thanks for your continued support of this grandiose project of mine.

– Devin Mitchell Durbin
_______365 Days Past July

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