Days 37, 38, 39, 40 [End of Part 1]


Note: Hello ladies and gentlmen bloggonites and klingons, the poem of Day 40 is officially the end of the first part of this project. 🙂 so lets get some of these poems out. Hobey Ho, lets go. (God I love you D.J Machale) hahaha.

“You are my Cure” Day 37

I’m gonna write you a song,
Tell you that I won’t be long,
I’m just going to save my page,
And maybe preach amazing grace.
Oh, how do you know I’m alive,
When I’ve been dying inside.

Tonight, I’ll start with a kiss,
One you won’t want to miss.
I’ll learn with a passion
Similar to that of two lovers embracing.
You are my medication,
You are my cure.

“Untitled 1” Day 38

Hear the fire crackle and burn,
Broken footsteps and sirens glow?
I hear the anger fill my lungs
A grandiose tale, I’m ready to spin.

I’m made of brick,
Part of an ancient myth
I preyed on your poor and sick.
I am the plague brought on by death.

Hope you notice the trend,
We are nigh on the end.
The crow is cawing,
And god signing his list.

Oh how the wind blows,
Set in the old silo.
Forget the conspiracy.
Fed by the tyranny.

Man with the spirit of his second wife.

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And I’ll send forth a ghost,
For you to be the host for.
This shadow will have been locked,
In a shallow hollow dock.

And he is filled with a nightmares fury.
Built by the ancient gods above.
And you will be in good wills death.
Until he decides to burry your soul.


Listen to the wandering wind
Her voice warns you of oncoming land.
Do not forget of what you know.

Because if you don’t.
You will be smote,
By the ignorance and gloat.
And you will drown without a boat.
You would starve without a goat.

So listen to the wandering wind,
She’ll warn you of the coming end.
So don’t forget what you know.
And listen to the voice your soul.

“Untitled 2” Day 38

Watch your step,
Do not rest,
Does not matter if your weary.

Go real slow,
Steal your breath.
Otherwise your life could be taken.

An instant pain.
Lost in the rain.
You’ll drown in your own indecision.

In the end,
We’ll begin.
Do you think you’ll ever be forgiven?

Forever repeating
Because of the lack of knowlege about,

“New Dawn”

Belabor the lies of past times
And open your eyes to dark skies.
You notice a new constellation.
A new star to bring on the new dawn.

“Secrets” Day 39

Everyone’s got their secrets,
Everyones got their ghosts.
Some things that haunt them most.
And even though they’ll tear you down,
Rip your heart out and kill you on holy ground.
It’s not the suffering that defines you,
It’s your endurance and perseverance
That will guide you forever on.

“A Phantom” Day 40

I am a whisper,
The voice of oncoming rain.
The emissary of writhing pain.
The maker, the fire, and your anger.

I am a phantom,
The shadow in your head,
The monster under your bed.
The murderer, defiler of the holy sanctum.

I am death,
My acrimonious scythe eats your flesh,
I am the virus that speaks no less.
The beginning, the end of breath.
End of Part 1

2 Responses to “Days 37, 38, 39, 40 [End of Part 1]”
  1. I like them all, but especially Secrets, Day 39. Your muse is definitely alive and well, Devin! Keep om keepin’ on.

    • Devin says:

      Thanks Pam, I don’t know how I’m kicking still! It’s a wondrous feeling some-days I feel like I won’t win and then all of a sudden my brain will start kicking and I’ll find the words, even if I don’t quite understand what they were in the first place!

      Thanks for your continued support Pam!

      It’s greatly and wonderfully appreciated my friend.

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