Day 35 and 36


“Until you lay me in the ground…” Day 35

Blame it on me,
The one who stood beside you,
Worked and didn’t try to hide.
I beg you beat me gently,
Because that’s okay
As long as your listening to me.
I know you don’t hear
A word I say.
I told you how they act,
But you could care more
About how I’m not perfect.
I’m perfectly shattered
In five million pieces.
I’m your favorite punching bag.
You beat me down.
Yet, I’ll stay around.
Until you lay me in the ground.

The Orange Mold on the Churchyard Tombstones

Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr

“Nowhere to Go.”

It may seem like I don’t care,
Like I’m immune to everything.
I take a bullet each time your mad at me.
I don’t try to make you this way.
It just happens.
And when you snap.
I hold back my tears,
I’m submissive.
It’s a hard type of walking the line.
I’ll agree even when I know your wrong,
I’m right.
I won’t let you know the sound of your anger,
Makes me cry.
It hurts me.
I just want to know,
Would you listen to me?
Or am I at that crossroads,
With nowhere to go,
But down?
I’ll never le t you know,
How much I wish you understood,
How much I hate this.

“12:12″ Day 36”

I’d scream,
If I can’t let my soul be
Oh what could be if you don’t believe in
Am I a ghost, the secret you always
About in diaries based off sick menageries and LSD induced
Insomina is the new
Now do the hokey pokey, then die and fly to


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