Day’s 32, 33, and 34


“Peace of Mind” Day 32

I’ll walk the world,
To get my peace of mind.
And as long as I am by your side.
Everything will be alright.

“The Door” Day 33

Open the door and scream,
Fall through the gate and pray.
Naive one, this is your final day.
Fall through the hole and die.

give me my peace of mind //1

Image by Shirin K. A. Winiger via Flickr

“Forget it” Day 34

Closing that door,
I am no one nothing more.

Save me?
How may you live…
Save us?
Yeah… well, forget it.

“Comes from the Soul”

No matter how old,
You’ll find your way.
Even without your sight,
Without your toes.
This just goes to show,
Your freedom comes from the soul.


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