Day 30


“Until the Next Time”

How are you?
A day,
A Month,
Oh, yeah.
What about me?
So much.
so Little.
It burns so much…
So little….

e i

And if we were to die…
Before the sun were to say goodbye.
My heart will fall.
my soul will hide.
From every shadow.
From every guiding light.
We will forgo this the final show.
Hunt the day.
Hunt the way.
So long,
Until the next time.
Until the next time.

“What Makes a Man, a Man?”

Are we men?
Or are we women?

Are we adults?
Or are we children?

Is a man, more of a man if…
… He kills his target?
… Rapes his children?
… Drinks his soul away?
… What if he(Insert Male atrocity here.)

At least this is something a man is known,
To do.

But is a man less of a man,

Drag Queen Nina Queer

Image via Wikipedia

Is he considered an animal?
… a beast,
… a ghost,
… a shell,
… a lie,

When he becomes something he truly feels?
… a man dressed like a woman,
… a clothing designer,
… a man who loves cock?

He becomes the butt of all jokes,
Even though in most cases,
They cause less harm,
And don’t hide from who they are.

What really makes a man, a man?

A liar?
Think again.


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