Day 27, 28, 29


“Revelations: At it’s Closing” Day 27

Why does it feel the way summer should,
Right at that chapter’s closing?

Why can I hear your voice in everything,
Even the cricket’s whisperings?

And in this moment as the story begins,
It’s ending is closer, and we feel the stress.

Do not Keep to Yourself the Secret of Your Hea...

Image by -RejiK

Do you see the strings guiding us like marionettes,
Guided along by invisible hands.

We have to cut each other’s strings, and take control.
Because this is the last thing we may ever know.

“High School” Day 28

Hear the bell,
Taste the smell,
Watch the soul decay.

“Every Other dude?” Day 29

A month is coming to a close,
My heart races,
Dont’cha know?
And in this shell of a life,
Will I die in everlasting night?
OH, I wonder if it’s true.
That you, and me, and all we do.
Is this game but a sham,
A rotten piece of sliced ham?

I hope
I think

I know your voice is crude.
But must you be like every other dude?


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