Day 24, 25, and 26


“An Ant Vs. the World” Day 24

It’s your nightmare vs. a conspiracy,
All your thoughts are just theory.
The government says your crazy,
Now the world thinks you are a threat.
You’re a threat!
But not, in their sense.
Your a threat of truth!
You threaten to usurp all their lies.
Break the barriers.
And free us all from ignorance.

“We Are One” Day 25

We can’t falter,
We have our hands buried deep,
We’re down to our skin and bone.
I’m never letting go,
The folds of our skin,
Hide our grins.
Our teeth decay,
As we hold on and pray.
That distance won’t kill us,
The fight will stay here.
Deep in our souls.
And the fire we’ll control
Our love is a comet,
It broke down the home,
Tore us to pieces.
I’m sure that you’ve noticed.
We are,
We are one.

“Even When, the Sky is Falling…” Day 26

I feel the distance like a wound.

Image by LunaDiRimmel via Flickr

No matter the distance,
The resistance.
Their fight is a futile riot,
A new vegetarian diet.
My sustenence, our reluctance,
To let our spark die.
We are a fire that burned down the wood.

No matter the distance,
The resistance,
That tries to keep us apart,

We’ll cross that path,

And we’ll wage a war,
Keep our heads in the clouds,
Because there our hearts can soar,
And we won’t be alone,
And in this heaven sent bliss,
We will be content.
Even when the sky is falling down.


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