Day 21, 22, and 23


“The Show” Day 21

Our hearts pulsate as one,
And our fists break the air,
In this moment,
We’ve been consumed.
By the sheer force of this fire.
And we grow together,
And feed off of each others primal energy.
Life without music is a mistake,
Without our soul we are just a shell.
Without our heart we cannot bleed.
Without love we cannot be.

“The Long Road to Paradise.”

I’ve got the mentality to beat the social disease,
Hope is a drug that can break a man.
Hope is a fire that can save a man.
I’m on a road that could set me free.
It’ll part the sea just to show you that I’m me.

Hide the pills

Pay your bills.

Make sure you’re not the next society kills.
Self preservation a hazardous plea.
It takes a village to raise a child,
A village to make a town.
A town to build a city.
And one man to tear it down.
Just one man to wear the crown.
Another fire to burn out.
The final chapter always filled with doubt.
It’s all along the long road to paradise.
Fear is something brighter.
Something lighter than air.
Like they would care?
It’s a disease,
Penetrating our lungs.
We can’t breathe.
If we can’t see the sun.

“Devin.Durbin Day 22

I used to hate my name,
Every syllable built my shame.
I used to think I was a failure.
That my name was the source of all my pain.
My name was a label forced up on my soul.
The mother and father’s leash, their goal.
But then in shadow I fought.
Their lies, I refused to be bought.
And I broke the locks of their tyranny,
And faded into mystery.
I became one with my names truth.
And stepped into my own world, anew.
No longer do I fear my name.
I fear now without it, I would not be the same.
I’m a poet, Celtic in name, No longer ashamed.


Before tyranny,
Their was unity.
Before hate,
Their was love.
Before war,
Their was creation.
Before fire burned,
Their was peace.
But now broken, as we are,
Can we fix these hollow scars?


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