Day 17 – 20


“Avoid the Fall.” Day 17

Dirty, lying, naughty,
See the fire, hatred, burning.
Sense the water, the soul is churning.
Got to hand it to you.
You’ve got a way with words.
Seems your always twisting their meaning.
Playing by the rules.
Only too break the tools.
Then throwing said morals out the door.
Hell there is no sympathy for you.
No one is waiting for you.
I saw standing there while you were alive.
Before you became paralyzed.
Paralyzed by a nightmare.
Paralyzed by your inability to stand up tall.
And avoid the fall.

“My Way to Bliss”
Do you want to believe?
In something more in all of this?
Hell I am bent on making a change.
Send away a nightmare, in a kiss.
I’m on my way to bliss.

“Hat of Blood” Day 18

I’ve got a hat full of crimson,
The bloods’ gonna start a flood.
The bullets are flying.
And the soldiers are dying.
Oh, oh, yeah…
I’ve got a demon on my shoulder,
An angel in my soul.
The lies they are crying,
And the my dreams they keep dying.
Oh, oh yeah…
I’ve got a hat full of crimson.
And my blood’s gonna start this flood.

I hate you,
You hate me.
I chased Barney up a tree.
With a big shotgun and shot him in the head.
I’m so glad that Barney’s dead!
Barney died a lonely dinosaur,
Barney died with his head in the sand.
Washed his soul with his sin in hand.
Lost his mind to the river wine!
Say what do you see?
What do you know?
Watched him bleed?
Blew his brains out into the bay.
Watched him die in the sinless may.

“Break it Apart” Day 19
Kill the board,
Wield the sword.
Send the stage.
Feel the rage.
Break it apart.

“Mona Lisa” Day 20
Mona lisa,
Seven pizza’s
Get it down.
You fucking clown.
Lets hit it off.


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