Days 15 & 16


“Wind Chime”

Another poem inspired by a picture by Katie Julius.

I get this feeling,
When I am alone.
That the wind is softly speaking.
To my lonely ears.
It reminds me of my mother,
Singing mournfully in the rain,
A day when a piece of the world died.
I spent those days in panic.
Hating to be alone.
So I remembered the many voices.
That always made me feel at home.
So I took the time,
To build me a wooden wind chime.
To speak the words I need to hear.
When I am all alone.

“Diamond Skin”
I feel the blood,
So let it in.
Take the anger,
From your sin.
Write the letters into your diamond skin.

Take the daggers,
Let it go.
Forget about your future.
End it all.
Take the answers.
And burn the letters into your diamond skin.
So you may feel the pain again.

“Not Alone”

And if I tried,
To save my soul.
Hell, I can’t save myself.
And I hunt for silent footsteps.
To assure myself.
That I
Am not

“All of it”

Constant vibrations,
And silly objections,
A party.
A martini.
And I know I’m full of it.
I just can’t get it all out.

2 Responses to “Days 15 & 16”
  1. ‘Wind Chime’ made my chest tighten, made me feel your pain. Takes a pretty good poem to do that.
    Write on!

  2. Devin says:

    I know what you mean, a good poem can make you feel a lot of things. Like your body locking up, or something greater. A good a bad or anything really.
    Thank you so much for commenting and reading.

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