Days 13 & 14 “Voices From Across the Void” and “If I could.”


“Voices from Across the Void.”

And this is my voice,
I’m showing you the truth,
I am an ancient power.
Do not deny my strength.
I can take your life.
I can take your soul.
The spark is my control.
Oh knaves,
Whatch your step.
I am watching them closely.

We are the denizens of the ancient life.
Oh, watch your fates before your eyes.
The life.
For tonight.
Whispered dreams in silence.
Parasitic defiance.
I am watching. I am looking right through.
I am a part of him.

May you learn your lesson from this eve.
And now I will take my leave.
Until next time.

“If I could…”

If I could,
Write one song.
Then I’d be done.
And If I could.
Find the words to say…

I would.

Stand up above the ocean,
Face off against the world.
And I’d be free.
From all this pain.


I’ll send you into seize her,
And the ghost will send you into seizures.
Pry tonight that you can stay alive.
Beg to the demon to let you see the light.
Maybe everything will be alright.
But no one will ever be right.
No one ever again.


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