Day 12: “Waterfall” & “Depression: Is not King!” among others.

“Waterfall”: Inspired by: Katie’s Photo Thanks again Katie!
The water trickles silently down my spine,
Like the whispers of the river Rhine.
My thoughts tumble down the sheer rock face.
My hope delivered by divine grace.
Here I am, in the course of a riddle.
“Is up down, or is down up?”
I’m under water,
lost I think, why bother?
Then I remember the wind, the trees, Earth, my mother.
And it comes rushing back to me like memories,
That used to stay hidden, mocking me. Now fixed in reverie.
“Depression: Is not King!”

In modern dystopia,
We try to forge our own utopia.
Where we play roles,
That the normal citizens.
Have been lax in.
We are the defiant,
And we must stand as self-reliant!
To fight the disease,
Depression – IS – NOT – KING!
Together as children we will be man, woman, and child.

Note: This poem was inspired by the way that in certain situations my generation has stepped in for people who’s parents never cared, have abandoned them etc. My generation creates our own little family circles that we feel as if we can tell everything to and rely on. When you can’t rely on your real family many of my generation have created their own family’s.  To all those parents out there who have been there for their kids. Kudos! It’s good to know that someone out there has someone to love them, because fate knows we can’t be there for everyone!

In the vein of this poem I would like to share one of my favorite poems from a previous project “My Empty Face” the poem is titled “Blood Red, Dead Imbalance.”

“Change Fate”

There is no hope if you lock me out,
I just want to speak can we talk about?
How you’ve been hurt,
How the world has kicked you down.
There’s still time to save you.
We can save you from yourself.
We can save you from hate.
We can change fate.

“Prose About Dieties.”

How far does the sky reach, and how far does our fear see? It see’s into our deepest self it trys to tear us apart. Limb by limb, piece by piece. Atom by atom.
It does not relent so we push on and try to fight the darkness so we may not be consumed. We are not meant to fail. OUr blindness has kept us from entering the city before our time to converse with jesus, buddha, allah, zeues, and all of the heavenly dieties. They all await for their chosen disciples to return to them. For each of us see’s the light differently. Sometimes it gets fuzzy and that is when we create our own shadow, that is when terror sweeps the Earth, our mother.
That is when the black flame spreads across the green pastures that is when the demons the succubi, and the daemon god’s sweep the Earth. Hades, lucifer and many more lead the army of darkness in the war for our hearts.
IF we dropped our petty differences, and realized in the end our dieties are working at the same goal. Humanity is worth saving. Can we prove that to them all? Humanity’s perseverence will allow us to stand, we can make our change. Find our purpose.


2 Responses to “Day 12: “Waterfall” & “Depression: Is not King!” among others.”
  1. Roy Roberts says:

    I’m so glad you’re doing this, Devin! It will be good to see how things develop over the year! Thanks for letting me know about it.

    • Devin says:

      Thank you,
      Mr. Roberts, I’m sure you’ve heard this before but I owe my reborn attention to my creative nature to your C.W. class, my writing had come to a stand still up to that point but after your class I found a new love for poetry and have been wanting to keep at it. So, I just want to let you know how grateful I am that you taught that class. It was a very fun and gratifying experience.

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