“Lover & Friend” “Afraid to be alone.” “Light” (August 5th)


“Lover & Friend”
Years go by in July,
Oh, how the time seems to fly.
Oh, I missed you in September.
Do you remember,
That by November,
The seed began to grow?
By the light of our enduring intertwined fates.
Our love nourished.
The sweet roots of that seeds fruit.
And we both stand,
Side by side,
Hand in hand,
Lover and friend.

“Afraid to be Alone.”
I’d rather not be alone,
With you I feel so at home.
Your eyes are hypnotic,
Your love is the perfect tonic.
My heart beats, supersonic.
And you my dear have been on it.
Making sure you don’t leave me on my own.

Everything will be alright,
Even, if only, for tonight.
We just got to stand on our own two feet.
We just got to stand up and fight.
Be our best and defend the light.
Because it’s the truth, and she needs our might!

Note: So I’m finally starting to get the hang of this blogging thing. I noticed today that I can go and edit the html that formats each post. God, I remember doing that on Myspace back in 07′ thru early 09′ man those were the days. It’s a lot simpler and I still remember some of the typing tags like the (br) (em) (strong) and (u) oh yeah, I’m feeeling it.


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