“Rip Me to Pieces” & “Proverbial B****”

Edward“Rip Me to Pieces”

Unravel me,

Skin cell by Skin Cell,

Rip me to pieces,

Bone by bone.

Take me apart.

All I am and all I was.

It’s history.

Keep your grudges.

Lock them, deep,

Within your soul to keep.

I am a man,

I am a woman.

My heart is black.

My blood stream is white.

I am what I am.

No matter what you say.

“Proverbial Bitch”

I need you lonely,

I’m on my own. Way,

Out in the desert.

I’m getting cold and,

My body is burning up.

Hell, so many cliches.

Not enough time in the day.

OH, baby please.

See what you’ve done to me.

Proverbial bitch.

Of the cunt’s sea.

Hell yeah, I went there.

So you pushed me aside.

So goodbye.

I’m going to drown in a mirrage.


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