“-Hide//.be Immortal?” and other poetry.

August#1 “-Hide//.be Immortal?”

Can we hide from time,

If only for a moment,

Could we be immortal?

If time stopped once,

We’d go on eternal.

Times creeping hand frozen.

And these moments kept,

Like crystal, forever beautiful.

#2 “They are defiance.”

There is an ocean in uproar,

The people are feeding upon the poor.

Or are they the poor in soul?

Weak and tattered their souls are impure.

The burning hate of the underworld guides them.

For they are defiance.

#3 “Can’t give up”

So, get up off your feet.

No more staring down defeat.

Gotta go and fight more than before.

Can’t give up.

Or let yourself down.

Can’t stand without falling down

We all fall to pick ourself up.

Just can’t stay down.

You gotta get back up.

#4 “It’s Up to the Arson!”

Feel like I’m on the brink of something,

It’s all up to the arson,

Paper matchbooks and Kerosene.

The mule kicked over the lamp.

It wasn’t me I swear!

And so the house burns down.

We’ll never know what we found,

Because the past is behind us now.

As the ashes fall to the ground.

I feel  my paper heart burning up.

Its all up to the arson.

Flint rocks and timber wood,

It was an accident.

It wasn’t me I swear.

And so the fo#rest burns to the ground.

We’ll never live this down.

Because the past is behind us now.

As they come back round and round and.

Scream, they will scream.

They will cry.

And your insides will die.

Burn oh we will.


In whatever ring of hell is giving up a sin.

It wasn’t me I swear.

And so the house burns down.

We’ll never know what we found.

Because the past is behind us now.

As the ashes fall to the ground.

#5 “The World’s Confidence Resides in a Pill.”

Standing still,

Confidence pill.

My heart forbodes ill.

Waging war against the poor.

What was this all for?

Sudden death,

Final breath,

Broken lik you’re on meth.

Step aside,

Born to hide,

You take from the inside.

Crippled limbs,

In the end.

We can’t mend!

#6 “True”

Oh, I can’t deny.

I wish I could fly.

And reach to the cosmos,

Become one by osmosis.

I’d see, I’d become space.

Become time.

My would be wise.

And I’d be true.

I could save you.

Rescue all of us too.

If only I could fly.

August Second 2010 #1 In Memorandum of the human spirit (The Shawshenk Redemption)”

You can lock away an evil spirit,

But you cannot trap a hatch-ling dove.

You may break my bones,

But won’t break my resolve.

You may strike down my allies.

Though you will only aid my soul.

I cannot be beaten.

Lock my wings in solitary,

Throw away the key.

Hide me from the sunshine.

Make me believe I am acrook.

Use my kindness to keep me imprisoned.

I will show you that I am in control.

Salvation does lie inside.

Not inside a prison cell.

But inside the human soul.

#2 “Poet.”

Call yourself a poet?

Yeah, so you’re up for a change?

Try to change the world, hell don’t you know it?

Cahnge don’t come easy.

Gotta fight to fix your life.

Spin round in cirles.

As you hunt for the route.

A chance to escape.

A chance to be great.

#3 “Shut your eyes, take a leap.//Believe”

Watching the smoke up.

Hearing the fizz pop.

Up, at the start.

In the midmorning rush.

Listen to the people.

And all that they do.

Texting their life away as they always do.

Dont’ dare too look around for something new.

Gotta get out and reach for something new.

Or die.

Too yhoung.


out dim.


Down slow.


Down fast.


Your own.


Your soul.


Your life



It’s a fate worste thand eath.

More painful than jail.

A regret like a fire.

Burns in your chest.

Oh, you lie and you lie, try your best.

Can’t hide from the truth.

Gotta go back to your youth.

Naivety has a virtue.

You’ve gotta remember.

Shut your eyes.

Take a leap.


Note: Thanks once again for reading these poems. It’s been a couple of days and they were moderately productive. I owe a great debt to Stephen King for allowing his story of “Shawshank” to be made into a movie to grace my mind and allow me to create a poem as powerful as I feel “In memorandum” is. I hope you enjoyed these poems. And godspeed!


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