July 31st 2010 “Day 6” Poems.

#1 “Kleptomania is a cancer.”

Give it up for the cancer,

Kletptomania is your virus.

Can’t keep your hands off my heart.


I won’t fall for your liars cheek.

This time I’m wise to how you do it.

Lying like you do only works in prison.


You can’t fool me this time.

#2 “Will Not Go.”

Why won’t you come and save me,

Why do you hide in the gleam of headlights?

You’re a siren, seducing mee to my doom.

And so, the tragic story goes.

Am I a ghost?

Or is this all just a dream.

Oh, I will not hide.

I will not die.

Wihtout a fight.

I will not go.

I will not die.

#3 “Karmatic interference.”

What goes around will fly back around,

The army of spiritual denominations,

Hastens to begin the onslaught.

As what goes around comes back around.

Note from the poet: Hey guys, thanks for reading these new poems. Today wasn’t a very eventful day and poetry was on the backburner. Today was just one of those days that just nothing felt was going the right way. But what little bit of inspiration that came from across the void was rather productive. Well, that’s the end to day 6. See you guys again tomorrow.


Devin Mitchell

2 Responses to “July 31st 2010 “Day 6” Poems.”
  1. I love all three of these–they’re honest and powerful.

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