The First Five Days (Part 3: The Fifth Day)

Note: These poems are all in the very rough and early stages and may end up being completely changed by the end of this project.

July 30th, 2010: #1 “Alma Mater (Summer’s End)”

At summers end,

The foreshadowing begins.

Fear turns to anxious trmors,

Shatter your bones.

On your way to humorless tomes.

The next chapter begins.

At the close of fantasy.

Alma Mater,

Oh, Alma Mater,

What will you leave of myself.

After the last hat falls?

#2 “Keep”

Is it okay if I keep writing you like this,

I had a feeling you wouldn’t take me this time.

Is it my anger?

Do I put you in danger?

If so,


Is it okay if I continue to send more notes,

I’m a sucker for your hazel eyes.

Am I scary?

A little airy?

Does it matter?


Simple words can say so much.

And I have plenty to bleed out.

And I will let you know the truth.

As long as you run.

#3 “Suicide letters from across the void”

*Disclaimer – I am not suicidal this is metaphorical.

Spent days, into years.

Devising a way to see who cares.

If I’m dead tomorrow,

Would you even notice if I’d gone,

If I hadn’t wrote this song?

Spent lives into denial,

Reliving humanity’s nightmares.

If I’m dead tomorrow,

Would Earth even give me a day off?

If I hadn’t spoke up, wrote this song?

It’s rather clear,

Who you’d rather hear.

It’s all up to me.

Where I’m going to be.

So if I’m dead tomorrow,

We’ll see if they’ll even notice.

If I hadn’t wrote this song.

#4 “Eyes that see right through.”

Sleep dear angel,

Don’t wake to the night air.

It’s shadow does not need to see,

Your pretty stare.

Those eyes see right through.

So sleep dear angel.

Or I’ll have to hide forever.

#5 “Intricate minds speak of past, present, and future tendencies.”

Would you like me to stay awake?

Do you wish me to fight against the wake?

That ship set sail without me.

I’m submerged,


Can’t breathe.

All I have is my eyes, and I can’t see.

I’m looking past, at memories.

But the scenery’s changed, I don’t remember anything.

This was my home, how’d I lose all I know?

Stayed locked a way for far too long.

The people I knew moved on.

Guess I’m meant to move on too.

Maybe if the world weren’t so cold.

I’d be able to live before I die too old.

#6 “At the End.”

I planned to hit the ground running,

Forget the past and watch the ground burning.

Hate is like fate, a fake master.

Just run.

Hope and pray.

But pray to whom?

To whom does the bell toll?

History, a mystery, an echo in time.

Maybe at the turn of this age.

All truth will be made.

#7 “If”

If you loved her,

If you loved her.

Let it go.

Let the fire burn.

If you loved her,

If you loved her.

Thank you for reading these the first five days worth of poems that I have written. Thank you so much for your time.

Devin Mitchell Durbin.

More to come as the days go on!

2 Responses to “The First Five Days (Part 3: The Fifth Day)”
  1. Wow, when I thought you’d post every day, I was thinking of a poem a day. They pour out of you, don’t they? Let them come. Who knows? They may turn into a book someday. Very nice work.

    • I never said only one a day, but I probably wasn’t very straight forward when I told you about this. Writing either comes to me in waves, or I just get very tiny little tidbits of inspiration. It’s just one of those things I never know what I’m going to get.

      Thanks for reading Pam. 🙂

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