The First Five Days (Part 2: Days 3 & 4)

In case you missed out on Part 1 of “The First Five Days” here’s the link to them.

Note: These poems are all in the very rough and early stages and may end up being completely changed by the end of this project.

July 28th, 2010: #1 “Untitled Conversation”

“You woke up late in the evening?”

I gave you a stare, “Just couldn’t sleep.”

“Yeah,” what’s alright about me?

#2 “Acceptance is Key.”

Am I so wild?

You act like you’ve never seen me?

Am I wild?

Compared to you, yeah I’m estranged.

I’ve got my own style,

No, not lost in denial.

That was me forever ago.

Hell, I’m more a man now.

As I accept my feminine side.

How does that work?

Acceptance is key.

It will set you free.

#3 “Truth Before Death.”

Roadways and stripmalls,

As far as the eye can see.

Bi-products of human tyranny.

Automobiles and aeroplanes,

Streak the streets and aeroways.

Leaving little to no hope of a getaway.

Drug dealers and warmongers.

Litter the deadbeat stone.

Do you know what all they own?

Fanatical religions and circumcision,

All have ways of cutting us short.

Can you see the truth before death?

#4 Storm’s, a sign of furry.”

There is a fire in the sky tonight,

God, I’ve never seen it burn so bright.

The fury must be ancient.

Hell, is this a cleansing?

So far there is no sign of that nightmare.

Is there a social meandering flare?

It’s not like before.

I’m sure I’d have recognized the anger.

Like a rhino wraking havoc.

Oh, I will not have it!

And have we seen the end of it?

Or is this just the beginning?

What will stop the fire?

Am I worthy of answers?

I think not naive.

“Oh, you think not?”

Then by George, I’ll work it out on my own.

#5 “Ole’ Country”

Fill your stomach to the brim.

In ole’ country fashino.

With love by the barrel.

And heart crips from the oven.

It burns a passionate crimson.

It’s old fashioned furvor.

It’ll glow forever.

As long as we will remember it.

#6 “Hold No Fires.”

Hold no grudges,

Or you may harm the souls who care.

HOld no fears,

Or you will be blinded by shadow.

Hold no fire,

Or you will be burnt by your desires.

Be no glutton,

Or you will behave just like the mutton.

Behave as you are,

Or be not who you are but what they demand.

#7 “The Same Game!”

Will you drown me in your ancient hauntings?

Will you follow my waning footsteps.

Am I hollow?

Do I resonate with rapturous brass?

Oh, for this is a rapture.

Oh, will you ever catch her?

Her spirits are like a flame.

Oh, so how she is hard to tame.

Because in her heart all it is, will be fame.

The question,

Are you willing to play the same game?

#8 “Truth is Pen.”

I make my own fate,

My book is empty.

I won’t let myself go back and change it.

I won’t let myself erase this.

So there is no truth behind pencil lead.

Give me my pen, so I may not sin.

Against the truth in my wrists.

July 29th, 2010: #1 “Feast of Souls”

Trips through the stellar waves,

The microchips, and the bleeps are made.

A restraunts foothold on the kitchen brigade.

A fork in the throat.

A gag in the mouth.

Feast on the flesh, you cannibal.


It’s not right,

You take their right. You animal.


And I’m sick of how you stand still.

All the while eating your fill.

The animal is in you,

You are the beast.

I hate you, but I see you feast.

Feast on our souls.

That’s how you control!

#2 “Can’t Say…”

Can’t say I know where I’m going.

Don’t know what you can say.

But your major, won’t be majorly fucked.

And you can’t be the one who will fail.

I think you’re the one most likely to succeed.

Because you’re the least likely to fake it.

Just keep your head screwed in tight.

And everything in this world will turn out alright.


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