The First Five Days (Part 1: Days 1 & 2)

On July 26th, 2010 I decided to embark on a journey in poetry. For 365 days I will write poetry and by the end of that year go over my poetry and see how far I have come. After that reading through process I plan to enter an editing period in which I will begin to nit pick through all of the poetry I have written over the course of the 365 days since I began writing. So this is the beginning of the end. 360 days left to go.

These are my writings.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Note: These poems are all in the very rough and early stages and may end up being completely changed by the end of this project.

July 26th, 2010: #1 “Prologue”

A year in the beginning,

Only 365 days.

Your soul purpose,

Search for your truth.

Challenge yourself,

And the boundaries of youth.

For you hold your own destiny.

The key is yourself.

After 365 days look back in awe.

Look up and hear what you saw.

Oh hope and fire.

365 days left to learn.

365 days left to live and let live.

# 2“Running is only a temporary solution to very persistent problems.”

And go,

You know you want to.

And go,

Go and hit the road today.

Fate and hope,

It is the last and first things you wrote.

And now – I watch.

I wait – And I go.

I will run from you.

And everything new.

#3 “Saving me, Saving You…”

I’ve seen your injuries,

And your broken memories.

And you’ve seen the worst of me,

Yet I’ve only let you see the best in me.

This is a death,

But it is my best.

It is an attempt at finding a truth.

An attempt to save my wasted youth.

It’s all I’ve known, and all we need,

Is you,

And me.

Together, for as long as,


I’ve seen your injuries,

And your broken memories.

I see you saving me,

While I try saving you.

Because you’ve seen the worst in me,

Yet I’ve only let you see the best in me.

#4 “Forever as long as forever’s now.”

Look at how far we’ve come,

Started at the gates of hell,

Now we’re burning up in the sun.

Oh, how the tempest boils the seas.

This love is the soul of this world.

Its what keeps her on her knees.

Gaia I know, oh Gaia I know.

We forsake fate.

But I gave up on it long ago.

I make my fate.

I guess you must prolong your hate.

Oh, you bull, I’ll hold you back.

I’ll make you mad with the red in my eyes.

Tempt you like I’ve tempted myself.

I’m on a roll.

Not afraid to lose control.

Because I’m learning.

And I will live forever as long as forever’s soon.

We’ll burn like the star shine.

Because we’re brighter than you are.

Sol, I’m sorry, don’t mean to make you envious.

But my fire is whiter,

Than my pure intentions.

And I’ll let  you know.

That I am forever, as long as forever’s now.

July 27th, 2010: #1 “12:20”

Exhaustion, mellow transitions.

Laying back, writing notes.

After a swim on the greaser floats.

The burning arches, fell men.

We are the late night.

The only sign that stays “Open All Night.”

That molten neon “M”.

It’s my feeding sin.

Gluttony is a final wrote.

It’s a trip, a lie, a fake love note.

Fire the show.

Beat up the hoe.

As vulgar as it is.

Take her to the corral.

Throw out the trash.

And embrace the shallow lie.

Pick up your beer and die.

Die a little more inside.

Because all you do is hide.

While I begin to grow inside.

Rock and roll is not dead.

Punk is not dead.

Everything lives on in those who believe.

Truth\\at 12:20.

#2 “It’s a road, I’ll go…”

When I close my eyes,

I see my life flash before black skies.

I see a faceless being beside me.

I try to keep my head up.

And I am going to believe it’s you.

We can make it far baby.

It’s a road, I’m willing to go down.

I have nothing to fear,

As long as you’re near.

#3 “Don’t know where I’ll go…”

I don’t know where I’ll go,

Whether or not I’ll ever see myself sold.

Will everyone know my name?

Or will I die without inspiring someone else?

Write a book,

Or be kicked da’s boot?

I want to be a father,

Oh, if you’re listening boys, don’t wish to be a bother.

Will he be like me?

Or will she be more like her mother?

Will everyone know my name?

Or will I die without inspiring someone else?

God, I’ll despise myself.

#4 “I’m Not A Fucking Animal, I’ve Got Heart!”

Is seventeen too young to be smart?
Do I have to be a slutty shit selling my body and soul?
Am I a satanist bent on eating your heart,
And ripping your flesh from my teeth?
Is the bed only a tool for premarital sodomy?
Is it my turn for the lobotomy?
Are you gonna reprogram me?

Depression has no medication,
But the cure lies with you, with me.

Or am I sure I even exist?
Oh forget it, you think I’m in her pants.
Can’t take a nap without feeling like a crook.
Sneaking ten hours of time on her ocean bed.
We’ll drown in the flood
From the holes in our hearts.

Is seventeen too young for me to defend myself?

I have my beliefs.
And you have your hold.
Am I a puppet?
Or am I the puppeteer?

Who really is the master here?
I’m not you.
I won’t wake up drunk on my mom’s floor.
I’m sorry, I don’t fuck in your bedroom.
And that I’ve never smoked cigars.
I’m sorry I never let school go and became a hoe.
And that I’m still a virgin.
Is seventeen so hard to fucking believe?

I’m not a fucking animal. I’ve got  heart!

#5 “Gateway”

Are you really looking for the truth?

Or are you searching for new roots?

Trying to build an empire out of deciet?

Lock the key behind false prophets,

And a gateway of broken bones.

It’s been toiled over by the downtrodden.

And they have been met with no remorse.

Looking for the truth?

Or are you locking it away?

#6 “There is No Industry.”

It’s just a dreary atmosphere,

Because you won’t admit to your fears.

A terrible truth, and an unsatisfied tooth.

Hate is a mastermind, and a suicide.

Oh, how am I for fun?

Oh, how am I for you?

Give it up?

I’m a lie?

Oh forget it,

Fuck this.

There is no industry,

It’s a bunch of kids playing cops and robbers.

But the cops are few,

And robbers tools are new.

They can’t stand on their own two feet.

Oh fuck it!

Forget this shit.

There is no industry.

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